Enjoy the longest beach of Mahe located amongst the weaving palms and tropical forests of this paradise resort in the Indian Ocean. Dip your toes in your villa’s private pool and enjoy an unforgettable dining experiences on your private patio with spectacular ocean views and soothing sounds of the Petite Anse Bay.

Seychelles is a dream for divers from around the world. Don’t miss exploring the famous wreck of the Ennerdale undersea, the Twin Barges and the Dredger wreck. Swim with whale sharks and explore the tranquil beauty under the waves. Lastly, be sure to shred through the famous surfing areas of the island.

Seychelles is also the center of international sporting for recreational fishermen. How rewarding would it be to bring back a Striped Bonito, Bluefin Trevally, Moustache Grouper, Dogtooth Tuna, just to name a few. Bring your catch back to your villa for a fresh seafood dinner!

Don’t miss the endangered species found on Seychelles such as the Endemic Mud Turtle, the Black Turtle and the Yellow-Bellied Turtle alongside other unique wildlife including the Grey Heron, Seychelles Sunbird, Madagascar Fody and more.

Known for its waterfalls, make sure to explore the refreshing Sauzier Waterfall and waterfall at Morne National Park. Add a touch of romance and take a horseback ride along the beach in Praslin or La Digue. Need adventure? Skydiving is a must to complete your better journey in Seychelles. This adrenaline pumping experience from 4,267 meters (14,000 ft.) high and at speeds of up to 12 mph will you give you a view of the islands you’ll never forget.


It is also a fantastic experience to visit the organic farm and learn to cook traditional Seychellois cuisine. Be sure to toast to your adventure with the best Seychellois rum and homemade bento boxes at the Rum Shack.

Towards the end of your trip, visit the Botanical Garden and the Victoria Museum. Enjoy the picture-perfect street market, local shops, the well-known “Little Big Ben” and the French-colonial style Roman Catholic Church with panoramic views from La Misere. Also stop by the tea factory on Mahe, approximately 20 minutes from Victory to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of “Seyte” from the Morne Blanc.


Wind down your trip with a rejuvenating spa treatment and set sail on a romantic catamaran sunset cruise with champagne and cocktails for another memorable evening.