The Imperial Palace Gardens is not to be missed. Though the Palace itself is not open to visitors, you can wander around the gardens of Edo Castle and explore the spectacular moat, entrance gates and city wall.

Stroll along the world’s famous Ginza to shop for the latest trends and high-end brands. There is also a wide-range of shopping malls and cafes for you to enjoy. You can find vintage kimonos, Natsuno’s 2,500+ chopstick designs and comic books for both adults and children. Last but not least, make sure you try an anpan, a bun stuffed with sweet red-bean paste.


Visit Harajuku on a Sunday to witness the parade of Japanese street fashion.

You will never be disappointed with the food in Tokyo. Make sure you try the fresh sushi and sashimi from the fish market, shabu-shabu and yakitori.

Roppongi’s and Shinjuku’s nightlife is filled with an abundance of animated, flashing neon lights and lively music. I highly recommend visiting the fashionable bars and restaurants in these areas.

You should also consider walking around Shinjuku during the day to experience one of the busiest intersections of the world.


Tokyo has many temples to visit but I believe the Sensoji Temple, founded in 645 AD, is most noteworthy. Entering the impressive Kaminarimon Gate, you’ll find the inspiring complex of halls which was rebuilt after the World War II.


Wander through the greenery of 100,000 trees at Meiji Shrine, planted to commemorate Emperor Meiji and his wife. You may also choose to write a Kiganbun, a letter to the deities where you can express your wishes or words of gratitude and hang them on the trees.



Attend a sumo tournament at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the national sumo stadium. If time allows, you should also visit their training camp or even try out the chanko nabe, a sumo’s protein lunch.



Before leaving Tokyo, consider taking a lesson of samurai fighting and bring a sword home to display or to remind you of your adventures in Tokyo.


Japan has been hosting the Olympic Games since 1964 and will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games once more between July 24th to August 9th, 2020. If timing is right, you should attend some of these exciting and once in a lifetime events!